How To Use PRO242

How to Post A Task

1. Login to PRO242 as customer

2. Select the service you need from the list

3. Fill out form and hit Post


How to Bid on a Task

1. Login to PRO242 as License Pro 

2. Select post in the "Leads" panel to the right

3. Complete form and hit submit bid


How to lookup Service Professionals profile

1. Login to PRO242 as Customer

2. Select "My Bids" at the bottom 

3. Select your post

4. Select Name of bidder below your bid

5. Select orange man icon at the top left next to chat icon


How to leave feedback

1. Login to PRO242 as Customer 

2. Select drop down menu 

3. Select task history

4. Select a task in the right panel

5. Select Feedback at the bottom 



1. Check your email 

2. Check your email spam

3. Hit back button and try again


My License Number 

1. Select the drop-down menu 

2. Choose profile

3. Enter your Bahamas "BUSINESS LICENSE NUMBER"


Can not see LEADS

1. You must select the same city the job was posted.

E.g  If the job was posted in Bimini but you select Nassau as your city when you logged in, then you would not be able to see Bimini's  LEADS.

I do not have a Business License

You can apply for FREE online for a Bahamian business license, see link below